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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  June 5, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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shooting. we have more with jamie costello which starts right now. we really don't see meth labs in our county. >> you know, what police may have missed this, if not for the toxic fumes. >> what's it like to get hooked on meth? better question. what test it like to get off of meth. >> you have patched, trimmed, trimmed some more. we'll take you back to that prefriday form. we have five men in custody after police say they set up a meth lab inside their hotel room. jeff hager has more on what led to the arrests at the holiday inn express. >> reporter: she came here for a room and a good night's sleep
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but got more than she bargained for. >> i'm from pennsylvania. they've been raiding a lot of sites. >> reporter: it is methamphetamine, better known as crystal meth which police discovered after someone dialed 911 reporting a strong odor on the fourth floor. while it's scarce in maryland, it set the stage for five surpts to set up a lab -- suspects to set up a lab in the room. >> they were manufacturing it for use among themselves. they indicated because they couldn't find meth here. >> reporter: officers arrived on the scene and evacuated guests. one man said he wasn't allowed to return for six hours. then there's this man, spencer smith.
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>> i don't know anything about this meth lab. the only things i do know is what i see on movies and a big bang. >> reporter: hotel guests and evacuee experience smith turned out to be suspect spencer spitting, the suspect police would arrest. cooking meth can produce toxic fumes and ether and cleaning crews remained on the side for more than 12 hours. >> we had one about a half mile from my home where i live in pa. this was a mobile meth lab just raided about three weeks ago. >> reporter: meanwhile, people like sheryl ike who checked in of the hotel and ended up checking out of the crime scene left with new knowledge of a drug that is relatively unknown here. >> i have young grandchildren.
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hopefully they can avoid this. i really never had an issue with it. it's scary that it's this pronounced. >> reporter: in howard county, jeff hager, abc2 news. >> let's see where the five suspects. they came from oklahoma, michigan, north carolina, pennsylvania and they were all traveling through the hear for work. officers say they also found heroin and a handgun inside the room. for a look at a full interview with one of the meth lab suspects, just head to abc2 news got a statement from the holiday inn. they write our hotel policy is to inspect rooms at least once every 72 hours and this room was inspected during the guest stay. no lab or signs of illegal activity were present during the normal procedure. so we are not speculating at this time on the cost involved and are working with each guest who was affected by this on a
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case by case bay sissments again, our first priority -- basis. again, our first priority is our guests. there was no unusual odor. the hotel appeared to be operating normally. we were told they were fully stacked tonight, fully bunged tonight -- booked tonight. the holiday inn isn't aon. an abc2 news investigation back in 2007 found ramada la quinnta, the upscale changes experienced these problems and that it scan be costly to the business. cleaning up a room can cost from $2,000 to $20,000. last night's arrests are not common.
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here's a look at the 10 states with the most meth lab busts. four of the five people arrested from last night's raid came from those states. two from oklahoma. one from michigan and one from north carolina. meth labs are pretty rare in our state but they do happen. police said they have had four busts in the last couple of months. that's on top of 13 other labs and they're not all complicated as you may think. >> when people hear about chemistry, they think of a real elaborate setup. these are not elaborate. they're very primitive. if done properly, your methamphetamine is the end result. >> the cleanup is the real problem. there's no standard in making sure that the place is shave to live in again. howard, carroll, harford, cecil
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county, have all had their cases. roosevelt leftwich spoke to an addiction expert. rosie? >> reporter: it is one of the most destructive and addictive judges around. it tells your body you're happy and indestructible but at the same time it's tearing you apart. it takes youth and fritters it away. baltimore, however, is a heroin and marijuana town. this is called the heroin lean. luckily meth has not been a drug of choice here but cases are on the rise in the suburbs. meth doesn't give a buzz. it makes people act crazy. this is a meth trip caught on a cell phone camera in the midwest. >> it's a super stimulant which speeds up your heart rate, blood pressure.
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you don't eat, you don't sleep for days at a time. when you don't eat or sleep for days at a time, you become psychotic. people become violent. >> reporter: gill ball says that's not the worst have it -- of it. it's made with hydrochloric acid, drain cleaner. it's in the just meth you have to worry about but designer copy meths. think of things like bath salts as synthetic meth, just as potent, just as deadly. >> we've got one for pot, methamphetamine, cocaine, lsd form, heroin. these are all, you know -- and these are chemists, kind of going around the law trying to produce these things to keep them legal. it's a cat and mouse game that we're losing. >> reporter: at this point
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gimball said bath salts could prove to be just as destructive. crazy behavior is mirrored by some things as bath salts. the cannibal case in florida and one in virginia should be a call to action. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. >> a little after 6:00, you can go online for all of the stories we have done over the last several years about meth and the lab and we're also looking into this elk ridge hotel. it's on let's take a look at the harbor and how it's holding up. the flags aren't evensterring. let's check in with
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meteorologist wyatt everhart. go to be back. cloudy, cool, unseasonably cool. the most active weather, dare rete county -- garrett county, reaching into allegany county. along the immediate chesapeake shoreline, just for those areas right along the chesapeake bay waters. thanks to an easterly, northeasterly fetch, things will stay cool this evening, 60s, variably cloudy. we'll talk about how things will develop. >> from nice nights to violent nights, four people have been killed. six injured. shootings all around the city. one of the victims is a manlt michael sullivan. you all know michael. he runs sully's seafood subs.
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police say he was found murdered, shot several times. detectives suspect robbery. there was a triple shooting on the east side a double shooting in north baltimore. baltimore police say they need your help to solve all of these crimes. >> we got to get behind the root of the problem. it's not like there's a master mind or some criminal organization. we got to get these people off the streets. >> so far, no suspects have been arrested and police cannot say if the shootings this week are related to last week's. the way a child is brought up may have more to do with their chance of getting skin cancer than their time in the sun. we have the results sufficient -- of a brand-new study. and he was crushed during
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last friday's tornado. we'll have an update. mashed potatoes and gravy. it's my turn...
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you know when you take your kids out running, you try to slather on sun screen, but a new study shows the way they are treated as they grow up will determine if they get skin cancer later on. linda so explains. >> reporter: before bonnie attends to her flowers outside, she spends time inside putting on plenty of protection. >> there was a red rough area right in my collar bone, and it just wouldn't go away. >> reporter: turns out that spot
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was bassal skin cancer. researchers want to know why some cases are harder. >> what predicts people to have this. >> reporter: to find out researchers at the o'university traced it back it their childhoods. in a surprising new study, the researchers found that patients who were neglected or mistreated as children had a much higher risk of persistent skin cancer, especially when faced with stressful events as adults. >> what happens in early childhood could have significant impact when you're 65 years old. >> reporter: in fact, some patients showed a 350% drop in their response suggesting at an early age, the stress of being
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mistreated can permanently affect immune system. >> so subsequently, when they experience stressors, they're more reactive. >> reporter: bonnie said her skin cancer has more to do with her complexion than anything else but for others, exposure to stress as a child could affect exposure to the sun later on in life. >> for more on the store re and all the health news that you and your family need, just head to the health tab at you'll find out what health reporter linda so is working on just by liking her on her facebook fan page. all right. let's welcome back wyatt everhart. how was the weather where you were? >> my mom's birthday in ocean city. i'm so thankful that we only had
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three injuries. in any case, so much quieter now, jamie and unseasonably cool, my friend, saving on the air-conditioning. take a look outside. cloudy cool with a north breeze right now. i've seen a few long sleeves. humidity 47%. winds are north at five. as we take a look at the weather through the day, start here in hard hit harford county from the storms last provide day and skies -- friday and skies clouding up. there are counties that bore the brunt sufficient the -- of the storm. maryland's most powerful radar all clear. we had a few showers west of hagerstown and garrett county. we have low pressure off the outer banks. that's spinning. it will lead to enhanced high tide action. we'll have higher than normal high tide.
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right along coastal harford county through baltimore and anne arundel, talbot, queen anne's on the shore, watch out for the higher than normal high ticed, same deal -- tides, and through midday tomorrow. temperatures, tomorrow 60s. we're talking early june. 10 to 15 degrees below average. we are still technically in late spring afterall. it will represent a 5 to eight degree cooldown. we're quiet. the more active weather with the dip in the jet stream. the more active around atlanta, georgia, and for us just cool air wrapping around that disturbance off the coast of the carolinas. that's going to mean also the possibility of a pop-up instability shower tomorrow afternoon.
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i don't expect thunderstorm potential until we get into thursday afternoon. these storms, which could pop thursday afternoon, not expected to be severe. overnight tonight down to 52, partly cloudy. tomorrow your two degree guarantee. 7 4, still going to be below average. tomorrow night down to 55. your seven-day forecast. the trend is a hotter one after the chance for showers toward the thursday time frame, we're talking about temperatures pushing and getting above 90 into monday. after all we are in june. when you hear a tornado is coming, the first thing you do is discussion -- duck. what would you do to get your life back to normal. lamont williams is getting that answer from people who found out the hard way. >> rain came in through the attic. >> reporter: when tornadoes struck the homes, jill's house
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took the brunt of its force. >> we caught the brunt of this. it took apart a third of our roof and all the siding on the back here, some siding on the other side, broke our window, blew away our entire patio furniture. >> reporter: a calm mind and clear thinking prevailed evening in the midst of worsening conditions. >> the first thing my husband thought we have to get the roof covered. >> the first thing i did was called the insurance company. >> contact your insurance company first. find out what's covered, what's not. there's a lot of loopholes in insurance. definitely have somebody come out and inspect your roofs, fascia and soffit.
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if one sheeningle is miss -- shingle is missing, you may not see that and it could cause a leak. >> reporter: a note about torn off siding. >> you have to replace the whole house. >> reporter: observing the aftermath. jill is still amazed at the power of nature. >> just what kind of devastation can happen in 20 seconds. >> reporter: in fallston, i'm lamont williams. >> i think that don cart are -- carter was real good. for more, including a slideshow of all the pictures, just go to we're happy to report that keith matthews, the tornado ?iefer we tokyo -- survivor we spoke to yesterday has been moved to the
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rehab center. he survived and he credits his life to his friend mark kenard. keith, keep it up. we'll be right back.
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before we leave you, kelly joins us with look at what's
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coming up at 11. >> a baltimore woman struggles to survive after being shot in the neck. she was driving last month as she was driving home. doctors say she is paralyzed from the neck down and can't speak. she's at a rehab hospital. the family is working with doctors to get a new computer that would help her even more. >> i can't understand what she be saying. i say what you say? because i don't read lips but i be trying to. >> the shooting happened in northeast baltimore. they're making progress but right now they have no suspects. an exclusive look at how she's doing. >> christian schaffer is telling the story. >> to the west some showers. if you live along the chesapeake
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you'll get higher than normal high tides. >> we'll see you at 11. ♪
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